Resin Filter

Resin Filter


Experience the benefits of softer feeling water with the Micron MWF20-RES water softening Ion exchange Resin Filter cartridge. This high-capacity filter effectively exchanges hardness ions like calcium and magnesium with sodium ions, resulting in water that's gentler on your skin and hair. The MWF20-RES uses an ion exchange process that attaches dissolved minerals to the resin as water passes through the exchange bed. Protect your appliances and tapware from damage and reduce scale build-up on your shower screens with the ultimate water softening solution - the Micron MWF20-RES filter cartridge.

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Compatible with:
Whole House Filtration - Platinum Series

Replacement Instructions

  1. Turn off water supply at the inlet isolation valve.
  2. Press the red pressure release button to release pressure in housing.
  3. Use supplied spanner to remove housings and old cartridges.
  4. Clean bowl(s) with soap and warm water. Check filter cartridge
    position number, remove all packaging and insert new cartridges.
  5. Check O-ring for damage and properly fit. Hand tighten housing.
  6. Open downstream tap and gently turn water supply back on.
  7. Flush system for 2-5 minutes to check for leaks and debris.
  8. After periods of non-use for 2+ days, flush system for 10 minutes.

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