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How to choose the right water filtration system for your home?

You will never regret investing in a great water filter.

But while the health and wellbeing benefits are as clear as the filtered water itself, it’s important to choose the filtration system that best suits your home. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when it comes to the most appropriate and effective choice for your household.

  1. Know your water source. The best water filter for your home will differ depending on the type of water you have. Does it come from a public system or a private well? Does it satisfy your personal preference when it comes to odour and taste? Does it contain contaminants and chemicals that may affect your health? Investigating what is in your water will help you choose the most effective system for your home
  2. Consider the type of filter you need. There are many types of filters available that can improve the quality of your drinking or cooking water, from carbon filters to Reverse Osmosis. Once you have had your water tested, ask your specialist about the best system for your needs.
  3. Think about time and space. How often will you be using the filter and what kind of space is available to house it? Again, these considerations will affect your final choice.
  4. Is it a simple system? Be sure to choose a filter that is easy to use and maintain.
  5. Is the cost important to you?  Would you rather spend more upfront so that there are no recurring costs every month, or space out maintenance costs and replacements over the lifespan of the model?
  6. Get recommendations Many different types of filters are available in the market, so ask people who already own a filter about their experience with them. What works about it? What doesn’t? Understanding the functions of a filter and what it provides, such contaminants it removes or eliminates can help you decide which type is the most appropriate for your home or place of business. Learn more about each model, read the labels carefully and verify the contaminants that are reduced or eliminated on a particular model. No filter eliminates all contaminants, so you may need a combination of them to treat all of your water issues.

Micron Water Filters provides a water filtration system with advanced technology that will effectively reduce harmful contaminants such as lead, chlorine, mercury and asbestos while still preserving beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium found in our tap water. Now everyone can enjoy fresh-tasting filtered tap water at an affordable price!

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